Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The burn

So Lloyd Brandon and I went fishing 2 days later. We filled 6 totes full of salmon  about 7000 lbs or $14000 worth we picked 14 nets and right as we were picking our last net the outdrive on Lloyds boat went out .  He called a skiff to come get us and 3 hours later we picked the 14 nets again, and pulled 15 thoysand pounds this time. We went to sleep that night waiting for a tow and by the time we got towed in the morning. All the fish had baked on to the deck. Lloyd hirend another deckhand named Sam from anchorage he hopped aboard as we proceded to pick the dead fish. Which were getting sunbaked in the process. 
Eventually we realised we weren't getting paid and me Sam and Brandon left for anchorage since I didn't have anywhere to go I decided to tag along.

Commercial fishing pre game.

So its was 6 a.m. when Lloyd, Brandon and I hopped in the car drove accrost the bridge and to the dock where a skiff took us out to the big boat. We stayed about 2 hours on the boat coiling nets and tying crab knots to get our selfs set up for our upcoming fish day. The boat was nice enough with 2 bunk beds and a coffee maker, shower, and microwave upstars.

The ride

As I got in the back seat of the intrepid, Brandon the greenhorn from California, who arrived a few days earlier greeted me.  We drove about 4 miles to a garage where I was shown to my room which was a  early 80 style rv.  Since Brandon arrived 3 days before me he already had the bedroom and I got the couch. We hung out for a while talked about where we were from and what its like there.

The Move.

As I got off the fourth plane and arrived in Kenai,AK I I called lloyd my captain for my new job as a commercial fisherman. We would be fishing the cook inlet 3 miles from the mouth of the Kenai River. Ring..... Ring...... " Hello, were out here." said lloyd. " Ok I'm coming, just waiting for my bag." What I actually ment by bag was my nylon frame pack stuffed half full of clothes. No food. No water. Just 4 shirts 2 pairs of socks I grabbed my pack from the revolving baggage claim, that took a half hour to turn, due to the fact the flight attendent had misplaced something. Once my pack was around my back, it was smooth sailing from there. Right out the door and into the 99 dodge intrepid. "Lloyd." I said, in a positive manner that way he knew I knew I had the right vehicle . He gave a short nod, I threw my pack in the trunk, opened the door sat down and tried to get my self acquainted.