Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The burn

So Lloyd Brandon and I went fishing 2 days later. We filled 6 totes full of salmon  about 7000 lbs or $14000 worth we picked 14 nets and right as we were picking our last net the outdrive on Lloyds boat went out .  He called a skiff to come get us and 3 hours later we picked the 14 nets again, and pulled 15 thoysand pounds this time. We went to sleep that night waiting for a tow and by the time we got towed in the morning. All the fish had baked on to the deck. Lloyd hirend another deckhand named Sam from anchorage he hopped aboard as we proceded to pick the dead fish. Which were getting sunbaked in the process. 
Eventually we realised we weren't getting paid and me Sam and Brandon left for anchorage since I didn't have anywhere to go I decided to tag along.