Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Sorry I haven't been on here in a while guys.  My uncle passed away and I had to travel to Florida to pay my respects. I'm currently living in the Tampa area . Kinda stuck down here for the moment. Living in a tent with my dad till I figure something out. I hope to return soon. I feel as though I'm missing a piece of my heart, by not being there.  The work here is scarce. I will be getting my drivers license with my up coming check and hopefully will be able to purchase a vehicle so I can find some work. Sorry for not keeping everyone informed. I didn't have a phone for a while. I think I'm going to work on getting my 6 pack license here so I can guide next year.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Hostel and the Stones

     Ok so the hostel I'm staying in is pretty cool. It's a great place to meet people from all over the country, you can really see how different culture is. I started helping out this guy with his website for fly fishing. Did you ever meet an annoying person, that just talks way too much about his or her passion.  Well he's the guy. Thankful for me I can deal with it. He offered me a free fly fishing lesson, which I might take him up on, if I manage to spike his morning coffee with some ADHD medication. I was only kidding about that.
     I can't wait to get to Eagle, AK. I've been cooped up in this "Beautiful" city way to long already. I sure hope the kidney stone passes before I leave tho. You can't just pack up and go to the hospital out there. And if something serious happens you have to be taken out via helicopter. And we know that won't be cheap. All in all I'm ready for this Experience.  Oh yeah, didn't I tell you. Im finally getting off the grid for a little bit. Lets just hope these stones don't get any worse.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Alaska's Treating Me Great.

     Gwin's Lodge was closing down so I recently came to Anchorage.  Been here about a week and a half .  I'm staying in a hostel that I clean for a few hours a day for a free room, so things are working out there. I got a job at a restaurant  down town which is pretty nice. I should make some decent money there. Enough to rent a room from someone. My plan is to save up enough money over the winter,to buy a kayak and some cameras and put some of my adventures online. Alaska is so beautiful and I feel like I need to see all of it by way of a kayak. Eventually I'll become a guide once I'm comfortable with the water and my surroundings.
There is something else in my life thats going on and I'm going to refrain from putting it out there because I want to make sure everything is 100%, but lets just say real life blog. Those are all the hints I'm Giving out let your minds wonder.

I went on a date tonight, very nice girl I must say, Pretty too. Guess I'll see where that goes. Hopefully further, maybe not.  I like the fact that most of the women up here are into the same stuff I am. The girl to guy ratio up here is, from what I hear somewhere around 8:1 men to women, while the selection isn't plenty, the quality sure seems to be there.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Anchorage Hostle New Job Already

I left Coopers Landing  on Wednesday and got dropped off at a hostile in downtown anchorage.  The hostile I'm staying at is very clean, which surprised me.  It's relatively inexpensive $30 for the first night and $25 dollars for every night after that.
     I contacted the manager John, and asked him if there was any work I could do for a free room and he said yes. So now I am working in the mornings a few hours every day.
      I went job hunting yesterday and got a job at steakhouse in the mall as a server. I start the "intense" training course tomorrow and it only pays minimum wage while in training, but after that I should be making very good money. I don't need very good money here because I have no expenses other than food, but good money will allow me to save for my real goal of being a Photo Journalist and living off grid.
     I bought a Mac Book also so I can edit my blog daily. It's so much easier editing on a computer than doing it on my phone.
     Anchorage is a very interesting city and the thing I like about it the most is that it is full of art. There is a Preforming Arts Center here and I think I will be checking that out very soon. I'm Just glad that I made it, I have a job, and I have a place to stay.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Horrible kidney stones. Great hospital.

So yesterday I woke up for work with a pain in my lower right side. It was a stabbing pain that I could not bare. When the second cook arrived I clocked out because we werent very busy at all. I went to my tent and laid down, only to wake up 4 hours later to the worst pain I ever felt in my life.
      After googling my symptoms I had a strong inclination that I was having appendix problems. I told the owner of the lodge about this. He was nice enough to drive me an hour away to the hospital in Soldotna.
     The hospital was staffed with very nice people. They gave me an I.v. took some blood and did some tests. The doctor came back in and said I had kidney stones. I was in the wost pain I had ever experienced in my life. The doctor ordered some pain killers via iv and wrote me a prescription for painkillers for when I left till the stone passed. The pharmacy didn't open till 9 and the pain was so unbearable the doc said I could stay and they would medicate me until I could get to a pharmacy to fill my prescription.
When I was released I went outside to meet Keith who had camped out in the van all night, and we went to Fred Meyer to fill my perscription.  Hopefully this stone passes tonight because its very painfull and I have to work at 7:30 am

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paracord Belt

A few days ago I took the braclet off my
Wrist and made a makeshift belt.  I cut where the braclet was fused and unraveled it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What a hike

So trapper Jim  met me at 7 o'clock at the restaurant. We ate breakfast. then we set off into our three and a half mile journey into the Bush. He spoke of stories while we walked. Stories of him as a young man, self sufficient in the wilderness. 3 hours later we arrived at his  13 by 13 Cabin, constructed of logs which he cut himself. His roof was only a tarp. It had a hole for his wood stove. His tv was only 7 inches and black and white he had one light and a DVD player, all which he powered off a little generator.
I read his journal which first entry told this story of a bear encounter in which the bear had attacked him jaws and sharp teeth just missing his leg as he leapt into a tree. Which he calls his favorite tree.
    I told Jim of my experience in Alaska so far flying to keani getting ripped off by lloyd. Arriving at Gwins and my dream of having a nice house in the bush completely off grid.
     He asked me if I had a knife I didn't so he gave me a leatherman tool, with a nice leather belt pouch to hold it. He also gave me a nice head lamp, so I could see at night, and a book to read, about the first guide in Alaska. I told him I'd return the favor with a book that I was reading. I needed a belt to hold the leatherman pouch  inplace so I took out a extra paracord braclet and unraveled it and made a belt.
     Jim is a good person and he told me people in the bush help each other out. Which is a community mindset I like.
     I waited for the rain to calm and a few hours later I made the hike back to Gwins alone.  Halfway down the trail, if you could call it that, I lost the trail. Jim cam and found me after a phone call and told me the way to go. If it wasn't for him I would have had to become self sufficient for the night, and probally would have lost my job at Gwins.
     The brush was so wet I had puddles in my coat pockets, the Ziploc inside had a hole in it allowing water to get inside and  into my phone. Feeling lost in the mountians of Alaska is overwhelming I  guess that's what they call The Alaska Factor. Everthing is bigger, longer, and harder than it looks. And it is.
     When I got back it was around 8 pm I missed dinner at Gwins ,but managed to foraged some nachos and cheeze from the staff cooler. And a small bag of rice for my waterlogged phone.
I changed from the clothes I was swimming in, into something dry and warm. Smoked a Newport, with a damp filter, and called it a night