Friday, August 23, 2013

Anchorage Hostle New Job Already

I left Coopers Landing  on Wednesday and got dropped off at a hostile in downtown anchorage.  The hostile I'm staying at is very clean, which surprised me.  It's relatively inexpensive $30 for the first night and $25 dollars for every night after that.
     I contacted the manager John, and asked him if there was any work I could do for a free room and he said yes. So now I am working in the mornings a few hours every day.
      I went job hunting yesterday and got a job at steakhouse in the mall as a server. I start the "intense" training course tomorrow and it only pays minimum wage while in training, but after that I should be making very good money. I don't need very good money here because I have no expenses other than food, but good money will allow me to save for my real goal of being a Photo Journalist and living off grid.
     I bought a Mac Book also so I can edit my blog daily. It's so much easier editing on a computer than doing it on my phone.
     Anchorage is a very interesting city and the thing I like about it the most is that it is full of art. There is a Preforming Arts Center here and I think I will be checking that out very soon. I'm Just glad that I made it, I have a job, and I have a place to stay.