Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Arriving at Gwins

So my ride showed up at 1 pm and I threw my bike and my bags in the dodge ram and we were off she was a nice lady that was heading to Seward to meet her husband who works on The Slope doing oil work. We stopped in the next town over Soldotna, gassed up her truck with the $20 that I gave her for the ride. She grabbed some beer for her husband I grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich, and energy drink and we were off agian we talked about where we were from and she said she knew many people like me. People that came to Alaska with very little and make a life for themselves.
     This was reassuring to hear that a lot of people do what I'm doing. But not many people want want to live in the bush like I do. I'll get there eventually, I hope,being totally self sufficient.
      Building my home out of wood I cut, making money from the animals I trap. Solar and wind powering my home. OFF THE GRID.  That's where I want to be. The only real place peace and serenity exists. No one telling you what to do or how to think. No loud trucks passing my door. Yes it will be a simple live.  It won't be easy. But its better than a real job. When the economy crashes which I think will be sometime in my lifetime . I will have already been doing what everyone is learning to do.

     When I arrived at Gwins the cook manager Eli showed me the hours on the schedule I would be filling in for a cook that left , and the owner Keith showed me too my room I unpacked my things , which took me 2 seconds because I didn't have much and turned in for the night 5:30 am comes early.