Sunday, August 11, 2013

A little extra cash

So I've been here two weeks and I have the menu down. I really like it here I can walk right accrost the road and fish the Russian river. Although the salmon are starting to turn red.
      I decided to make some extra cash I would start making survival braclets out of 550 paracord so I hitch-hiked into Soldotna the closest town from me about 40 miles away. It didn't take me long. One ride down. Two rides back. People seem to be more accepting of hitchers up here than the people in the lower 48.   I went to sports authority and bough some paracord and some clips. After I hitched home, I made a few braclets and ended up selling 5 of them making most of my money back. I decided to order more supplies online and cut my costs. They came today actually ( yes the blog is now current) Keith agreed to let me sell the brackets in the general store. So I found a nice spot on the front counter right next to the cash register. 
     Work was good other than the fact that the manager has mor story's than James Patterson and dean koontz put together. And he would rather talk to girls than fo things that need to be done like cook food for customers other than that everything is fine here.
     About two days after I got here I registered to Alaska outdoors forum and I posted a short recap of this blog and the stuff that has been happening to me. There were a few people that helped me out tremendously and sent me some clothes which I really appreciated.