Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Worked for a week

The following week didn't go so well I got a part time job at snug harbor where we sold the fish, as a labor hand in the processing dept.  See we didn't fish everyday because fish and game sets the days and hours that your allowed to fish.  I stayed there for about a week and half at the fish camp I only worked one day at snug because it was a 3 mile bike ride. We only caught another 2000 pounds of fish over that week and a half and I got paid another 200 bucks. Most of my pay from the first big catch was gone after buying a new hiking backpack to keep my clothes in and a Mt bike so I had some transportation. The day I heard that we were only going to be able to fish one day a week I quickly used craigslist to find employment I found a lady that needed help at a lodge I called her and she told me the position had need filled but there was.another lodge that was "short handed" she gave me the name of Gwins lodge manager. I called and asked for charlotte. After talking with charlotte she emailed me some paper work I filled it out sent it back. The following morning I was giving the job. I posted an ad on craigslist for a ride to Gwins lodge and within an hour I had found one it left that following morning.