Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The first day working for nate

Sam was tired after diving Sam was tired after driving so I agreed to fish while sam took a nap. It was time to go to work as soon as we got there I put my wallet in a granola bar box. Through on my rain gear hopped on the 30 foot aluminum Skiff .  and we headed out into the water. as we approached the first net I started pickin fish like it just came naturally to me. I think Nathan was surprised by this, but that's what happens when you hire someone that has experience. by the time all six nets were picked we have about 1500 pounds of fish and it was time to head back. When we arrive back at camp we are loaded the fish from the Brailer bags , into totes marked Snug Harbor seafoods.  after that was done we headed up the bluff. When we reach the top, we all started to get really acquainted. Justice and Nathan were from South Dakota, justice worked on a farm driving tractor. And Nathan work for UPS and also for John Deere building heavy equipment. I came to find out that Nathan was really there for the love of the game " commercial fishing that is" and justice his cousin was just there to lend a hand and get paid. We were hungry after working. So I offered to grill a few of the salmon we caught. I love salmon and back home it isn't cheap out here its free. Nate and Justice accept my offer for me to cook for them. I cooked up some salmon we ate and before I knew it it was time to go out again I woke Sam up and we both suited up in our rain gear and headed out ill spare you the details but we got all this fish picked this time in about 2 hours another 1000 pounds for a total of 2500 pounds and at $2 a lb that's $5000 bucks ten percent being 5000 bucks which we split when I went to grab my wallet to put my days wages in it was gone ! To make a long story short the only one left alone with the wallet was Sam since it was in his vehicle and he was the only one left alone with it process of elimination told me it was him I tryed everything but fighting the kid for him to give me my wallet back even offered for him to take the cash and.just leave my I D. Finally I just let him leave I wasn't gunna fight over a wallet with 300 bucks in it although I was depressed about my ID and I knew at that point I was really screwed but atleast I had a place to stay and a source of income