Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What a hike

So trapper Jim  met me at 7 o'clock at the restaurant. We ate breakfast. then we set off into our three and a half mile journey into the Bush. He spoke of stories while we walked. Stories of him as a young man, self sufficient in the wilderness. 3 hours later we arrived at his  13 by 13 Cabin, constructed of logs which he cut himself. His roof was only a tarp. It had a hole for his wood stove. His tv was only 7 inches and black and white he had one light and a DVD player, all which he powered off a little generator.
I read his journal which first entry told this story of a bear encounter in which the bear had attacked him jaws and sharp teeth just missing his leg as he leapt into a tree. Which he calls his favorite tree.
    I told Jim of my experience in Alaska so far flying to keani getting ripped off by lloyd. Arriving at Gwins and my dream of having a nice house in the bush completely off grid.
     He asked me if I had a knife I didn't so he gave me a leatherman tool, with a nice leather belt pouch to hold it. He also gave me a nice head lamp, so I could see at night, and a book to read, about the first guide in Alaska. I told him I'd return the favor with a book that I was reading. I needed a belt to hold the leatherman pouch  inplace so I took out a extra paracord braclet and unraveled it and made a belt.
     Jim is a good person and he told me people in the bush help each other out. Which is a community mindset I like.
     I waited for the rain to calm and a few hours later I made the hike back to Gwins alone.  Halfway down the trail, if you could call it that, I lost the trail. Jim cam and found me after a phone call and told me the way to go. If it wasn't for him I would have had to become self sufficient for the night, and probally would have lost my job at Gwins.
     The brush was so wet I had puddles in my coat pockets, the Ziploc inside had a hole in it allowing water to get inside and  into my phone. Feeling lost in the mountians of Alaska is overwhelming I  guess that's what they call The Alaska Factor. Everthing is bigger, longer, and harder than it looks. And it is.
     When I got back it was around 8 pm I missed dinner at Gwins ,but managed to foraged some nachos and cheeze from the staff cooler. And a small bag of rice for my waterlogged phone.
I changed from the clothes I was swimming in, into something dry and warm. Smoked a Newport, with a damp filter, and called it a night