Saturday, August 10, 2013

My first day.

My first day at gwins lodge was relatively good. I cooked with Nick the morning cook manager, who stays in the cabin directly behind me. Getting to know the menu seems to be a little hard. But not as hard as remembering where everything is at. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Nick is from south Africa and boy does he have some story's, sometimes I wonder If that's all they are, story's.
     While at work charlotte called me into her office so I could sign my contract until the middle of September. She explained pay. $10 an hour and that room and board cost $16 a day and comes out of my check. After everything was explained I signed the paperwork and returned to the kitchen to finish work.
      After work I hung out with Nick and Tyler. Tyler likes hunting and trapping and guns in general. We talked about trapping and he told me about trapper Jim who lives in the woods and is self sufficient just by trapping. I think this is awesome.
     Before I know it its time for bed. Work starts at 12 tomorrow.