Thursday, August 29, 2013

Alaska's Treating Me Great.

     Gwin's Lodge was closing down so I recently came to Anchorage.  Been here about a week and a half .  I'm staying in a hostel that I clean for a few hours a day for a free room, so things are working out there. I got a job at a restaurant  down town which is pretty nice. I should make some decent money there. Enough to rent a room from someone. My plan is to save up enough money over the winter,to buy a kayak and some cameras and put some of my adventures online. Alaska is so beautiful and I feel like I need to see all of it by way of a kayak. Eventually I'll become a guide once I'm comfortable with the water and my surroundings.
There is something else in my life thats going on and I'm going to refrain from putting it out there because I want to make sure everything is 100%, but lets just say real life blog. Those are all the hints I'm Giving out let your minds wonder.

I went on a date tonight, very nice girl I must say, Pretty too. Guess I'll see where that goes. Hopefully further, maybe not.  I like the fact that most of the women up here are into the same stuff I am. The girl to guy ratio up here is, from what I hear somewhere around 8:1 men to women, while the selection isn't plenty, the quality sure seems to be there.